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A myHRexperts Membership gives you all the HR & WHS plans, policies, learning, tools, templates and advice you need to comply with employment legislation, create a high performance culture and empower your team to grow the business.

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On demand support from our qualified Australian HR & WHS experts including audits, plans, policies & employment contracts tailored to your business, plus ongoing advice over the phone or on site.

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Fulfill your legal obligations, and equip your employees with practical training, any time, anywhere. We offer a full suite of engaging online courses as part of your myHRexperts Membership.

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Save time and money, and gain peace of mind with our comprehensive library of legally-compliant, best practice HR templates.

Best Workplace Method

Built on a proven 6 part people management framework

myHRexperts is built on the 6-part Best Workplace Method for building high performing organisations. Resources are organised into sections, commencing with a pre-recorded 1 hour webinar introducing each part.

See how your organisation scores against the 6 dimensions.

Leader is about understanding who you are and what you are most passionate about. It is very difficult to run a successful business that you are not fully invested in. The Leader of a Best Workplace creates an inspiring vision and embeds organisational values to drive the business by having a highly engaged workforce who are focused on delivering fantastic customer service.
Culture is best and most often described as “the way we do things around here”. Culture consists of the formal and informal communications, hierarchy, behaviours, rules, processes, rituals, symbols, image, language and management practices that exist in any organisation. Workplace culture will either support or jeopardise the aspirations of a business.
Appoint superstars and you and your business are set to succeed. The attraction and selection of superstars is a critical success factor to any successful business. Firstly, you need to be able to attract great people, and then you need to be able to decide on the best person for your business based on ability and culture fit.
Performance of employees is the biggest indicator of business results. You need all your employees to be productive to meet your business goals. Performance is driven by employees having clear expectations, regular constructive feedback, and recognition of their contribution. As the leader of your business it starts with you setting the expectations for the business and your team.
Recognition of individual employee contribution is critical to high levels of employee engagement. Employees (and you) need to feel valued for their contributions to the organisation. Recognition is so much more than money. Money needs to be at an acceptable level but then it’s all about how and what you recognise and reward that motivates employees to give discretionary effort.

Wellbeing is about creating a happy, healthy and safe workplace for you and your employees – a workplace where your employees are able to thrive and be the best version of themselves. When employees feel calm and safe they will be their most productive. Investing in the health and wellbeing of your employees is the right thing to do, it is a nice thing to do, and it is good for business. It will result in lower levels of absenteeism and employee turnover, and higher levels of productivity.

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myHRexperts was launched by Harrisons in 2021 to provide cost effective access to expert Australian HR & WHS advice for growing small and medium businesses.

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Harrisons is a leading Brisbane HR consulting, contracting and outsourcing business helping CEOs to build great places to work.

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