11. Stephen Wood, Infotrack Part 2 – High Performance Culture

Since Stephen Wood took over as CEO of Infotrack in 2010, the company has enjoyed explosive growth. The company, which provides a revolutionary way to order and manage online searches and services, has an excellent track record, saving countless businesses time and money by conducting property, personal and corporate searches quickly and efficiently. They’ve been recognised with a number of awards, including rewards for service excellence and innovation. They have also been recognised as one of Australia’s best places to work.

With a successful and accomplished career in the Australian information and communications technology (ICT) ICT industry spanning 26 years, Stephen Wood’s professional experience has been focused on the building and rebuilding of various ICT businesses. Thanks to his demonstrated leadership in the sector, Stephen was awarded the title of Best Mid-Market Leader at the BRW GE Capital Momentum Awards, which included businesses with annual revenue ranging from $10m to $250m. At the end of 2015, Stephen moved into the Chairman position.

“Some leaders don’t like to get too close to their employees. I’m the opposite. I’ve had executives who were dealing with personal issues actually turn up at my house during Christmas-day lunch with my family because they knew I wouldn’t turn them away. I’ve had employees stay over at my place. I’ve had others come over regularly for meals with my partner and my stepdaughter.” – Stephen Wood, Infotrack

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