2. Tristan White, The Physio Co (2)

This is the second episode of Best Workplace CEOs with Claire Harrison. This is the final half of my interview with Tristan White, Founder and CEO of The Physio Co.

In 2004, The Physio Co was a single person with a vision to change seniors’ healthcare forever. Now, The Physio Co, with more than 100 team members and 250,000 physiotherapy consultations per year, has consistently been named one of Australia’s Best Places to Work.

Founder and CEO, Tristan White is a qualified physiotherapist and is passionate about sharing what he has learned to help others grow as individuals and professionals. Tristan writes a blog, “Culture is Everything”, which was listed as one of SmartCompany’s Australia’s 25 Best Business Blogs.
Let’s go now to the second half of my interview with Tristan White of The Physio Co.

That was the final half of my interview with Tristan White of The Physio Co.

My big takeways from Tristan are:
1. Culture starts with retention and retention starts with recruitment. You can’t grow a business unless you retain the people in your team. So you need a robust recruitment process, including the ability to attract great people to your business. Tristan said the recruitment process and decisions are based 80% on the candidate’s ability to demonstrate The Physio Co’s organisational Values.
2. The Physio Co undertakes an individual quarterly cultural review where every team member out in the field will have a quarterly conversation with their team leader. It’s a values based conversation as to what core values they’ve been living exceptionally well, which core values they could improve upon and how their performance is aligned with their painted picture vision. A great way to motivate, align goals, and improve performance.
3. With the growth of The Physio Co, Tristan has been successful at maintaining the same great workplace culture by systemising the culture so it is not completely reliant on him. His leadership team, managers, and team leaders now all have an important role to play in ensuring The Physio Co remains a best workplace.

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On our next episode I will be interviewing Mark Middleton, CEO of Icon Group. Mark has led the significant growth of this organisation, which includes companies such as Epic Pharmacies and Radiation Oncology Centres.

Until next time, I’m Claire Harrison and thanks for listening to Best Workplace CEOs.

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