Accountants having Fun at Work???

An accounting firm with a fantastic workplace culture?  Unheard of you say?  One great example of how even a (possibly perceived) boring business can build a highly productive team and profitable business is Sidcor Chartered Accountants. 

Paul Siderovski is the founder and Managing Director of leading accountancy firm SiDCOR, ranked by BRW Magazine as the 3rd ‘Best Places to Work 2014’ in Australia as well as being acknowledged by BRW magazine as one of the top 100 accountancy firms in Australia. They employ more than 30 people, each of whom shares the same committed vision of financial and business growth.

In 2012, Paul brought to Australia the largest frozen yogurt chain in the world, Yogurtland.  He holds the rights of this growing chain in Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii.

Sharing stages with Richard Branson and Tony Robbins, Paul has been able to develop multi-dimensional success across accounting, franchising, property, equities and start ups as well as maintaining a happy family life.


  • Develop core values and live by them.
  • Love your people, show loyalty to them, and they’ll return it. When you lose an employee, this usually costs the business from $100,000 to $150,000 in profit.
  • Just as you’d do anything for your family, do anything for your staff and customers.
  • Make your employees happy.  Retaining employees makes life dramatically easier for the CEO.
  • If you don’t invest money promoting the Values you’ve chosen to stand upon as an organisation, you’ll have a much harder time convincing your people (employees and customers alike) to commit to the organisation.
  • At Sidcor’s Newcastle office, they have a pool table, table tennis, air hockey and pizza ovens. They provide lunch and breakfast for employees and even have free vending machines. This helps create a fun workplace with committed employees.
  • Each month, employees get to vote for employees who have lived up to Sidcor’s Values.  The winners are recognised and rewarded with everything from helicopter rides and bridge climbs to vineyard visits.



Love the client. Love what you do. Treat it like your own.


Deliver what you promise. Your word is your bond. Take responsibility for your choices and the outcome.


Tell it as it is. Tell your truth. Do what is right and fair.


Innovate. Work smarter. Think outside the square. Do whatever it takes. Go above and beyond.


Respect, consider and support others. Have each other’s back. Be passionate and believe in yourself and what you do.


  • Sidcor is the most profitable accounting business in Australia
  • A less stressful workplace
  • Low employee turnover, which means less pain for management surrounding hiring and firing
  • Higher levels of employee and customer loyalty
  • Employees who are willing to contribute in committed and dedicated ways


“My biggest learning has surrounded keeping the wrong people too long. That was a killer.”

“A fish rots from the head. If you aren’t leading, it won’t happen.”

“Living your values isn’t about profit; it’s about ease of life and business.”

This is an extract from The CEO Secret Guide to Managing and Motivating Employees by Claire Harrison.

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If you want to hear more from Paul Siderovski of Sidcor Chartered Accountants then listen to the interview with Paul on the Best Workplace CEOs with Claire Harrison PODCAST.

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