Culture: the way we do things around here

As long as you have a team, you have a workplace culture. Everyone who works for you knows ‘the way we do things around here’. Sometimes they’ve received explicit instruction through an induction process or policy, but most times they’ve worked out how things are done based on what’s happening around them.

Your employees don’t just share a workplace. They share values, rituals, a language, behaviours, stories and purposes that guide their approach to each task and interaction. Culture is pervasive, impacting not just the way employees engage with each other, but how they relate to your customers.

myHRexperts consider Leader, Culture, Appointment, Performance, Recognition and Wellbeing to be the six pillars of a best workplace. You are currently reading about the CULTURE pillar.

Best Workplace Pillar 2 : Culture

Create a strong workplace culture in just 7 steps

Do you have the kind of culture that motivates and inspires or the kind that makes working for your organisation a daily grind? If you leave a culture to grow on its own, results will never be ideal in terms of employee engagement productivity. Achieve a strong culture – one that encourages performance, contribution, fun and connection (or whatever attributes you desire) – by following these steps:
Think about the type of organisational culture you’ll need if you want to achieve your business goals and align with your vision and values.
There are tools you can use that will assess your current culture and compare it against benchmarks.
Determine where the gaps are between your desired and current organisational culture.
Plan for the culture you want and need with your team so that they have a sense of ownership in the process.
You can’t do it alone. Involve everyone. Communicate what you need, delegate to your talented team of superstars and recognise achievements that contribute to the kind of culture you’re trying to build.
Great leaders know the importance of celebrating wins – big and small, and recognising significant contribution at every level of the organisation.
Measure your culture at least every year to check where you’re at and plan for the following year. Pulse surveys are a great way to check in on a more regular basis with employees, assessing how they’re feeling about the business, their role in it and culture.

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