Ditch the Least Loved HR jobs – Outsource HR Nightmares!

Why should you outsource HR tasks that eat up your day? It’s 3pm and you’ve finally cleared your inbox. Does coffee count as lunch? In the next two short hours, you’ll be drafting an employment ad, finishing those performance reviews, writing policy, working on that unfair dismissal complaint, dealing with the smokers (AGAIN), researching the latest changes to HR law and preparing for yet another meeting. Human resource management is never boring! HR admin can be!



Shortlisting, reference checking, payroll management, training sessions – all those HR tasks that eat into your day… are all jobs that can be outsourced. It’s a misconception that Harrison HR is just here for HR consulting – we can support CEOs and HR Managers when your existing team is understaffed or overworked (oh the irony!). You can retain our services on an ongoing basis or just give us a called during busy periods when you’re snowed under.


  • Recruitment and induction. Need help with general recruitment, recruiting specialists or even hiring large teams? We can help with all areas of recruitment and induction.
  • Training and Development. Get help with specialist training and career development programs – training is so time consuming and often a “most disliked” HR job!
  • Pay and Conditions. Staying on top of payroll and abreast of changes to awards and employment contracts.
  • Performance Management. Nobody likes dealing with an underperforming employee. If you need help with annual performance reviews and dislike dealing with underperformers, we can help.
  • Industrial Relations & Unfair Dismissals. This is a specialist area in HR management and one where you can’t risk making a mistake. We’re specialists in protecting you as the employer and securing fair outcomes for everyone. Let us help reduce unnecessary risks in your busy day.

Outsource HR To Clear Your Plate Of Those Least Loved Jobs And Leave More Room For The Important Stuff. For A Confidential Discussion Of Your Needs, Please Simply Get In Touch With Brisbane Based HR Consulting Firm, Harrison Human Resources.

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