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Employment Law Workshop

Presented a workshop tonight for business owners on their employment law obligations and how to comply. We discussed the Fair Work Act, National Employment Standard, Modern Awards, Independent Contractors, Occupational Health and Safety, Discrimination and Workplace Bullying – and much, much more.


  1.  Audit your HR and OHS systems and practices against your legal obligations.
  2. Develop a 12-month HR and OHS Plan to implement systems that address the areas of risk and/or non-compliance identified in the audit.
  3. Demonstrate strong leadership by showing your commitment to meeting your legal obligations, walk-the-talk, and be consistent in the enforcement of your policies and procedures.
  4. Use the Risk Management Model to assess all OHS risk in your business, and to identify appropriate control measures.
  5. Develop comprehensive HR and OHS policies and procedures for all areas of your business.
  6. Ensure all employees have an up-to-date employment agreement.
  7. Develop and implement a comprehensive induction program for new starters including compliance areas such as OHS and discrimination.
  8. Train (and refresh) all employees and contractors in the necessary areas of policy and procedure for your business.

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