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Hints for recruiting super employees

Every business relies on a team of professionals who consistently perform to their best. This makes the process of hiring new employees integral to the success of your operations.

The people you invite to join your business need to complement the existing team, while also helping it move towards a positive future.

We have listed some hints for recruiting super employees that will stay with you long term, and contribute the best attitudes, experiences and skills.

Advertise your role accurately

Your business will only attract the right employees if you advertise your roles accurately. Take time to talk with your team about the tasks and responsibilities that this new role needs to cover.

Spend time composing a quality advertisement that reflects the real job description, and that does not mislead potential employees in any way. If your position is only entry level, state it as this, and if it requires certain qualifications and levels of experience list these as essential criteria for the position.

A poorly written job advertisement will only attract poor quality candidates and turn the good ones away.

Conduct group interviews

Group interviews will help you streamline the employment process and interview many people in a limited space of time.

You can also learn more about an individual and the ways in which they act in a group setting.

Group interviews can include team-focused tasks and challenges and can be as lighthearted or as serious as you would like them to be. They are a great way to quickly select the most desirable candidates to then call back for a more private, one-on-one interview.

Offer attractive benefits

To attract the best of the best you will need to tailor your position so it is desirable to potential employees who you will want to hire.

Benefits do not need to be monetary, necessarily. More and more employees are seeking alternative forms of remuneration, such as flexible working hours, additional time off to spend with the family, work-based child care, and company supported training.

Design your team for internal progression

Employees often move on to a new company because there are no new opportunities internally. Think ahead and act smart by either keeping your roles flexible, or design your entire team so individuals can easily progress between roles.

If you are struggling with this, talk to your current employees about their desires for their professional future, and use this as a starting point for ideas.

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