Is your company LinkedIn to talent?


Does your company have a presence on one of the most important job networks of all time? If not then you could be missing a massive opportunity.  Hailed as one of the most important changes to the recruitment process in the last 50 years, LinkedIn has changed the way people look for jobs and employers search for talent.

When seeking the best employees to fill a job, often the best candidates aren’t actively job seeking. However with LinkedIn you get access to a steadily increasing number of profiles of qualified professionals in your field with some of the most suitable only a message away. Head hunt your best talent before someone else does, in what is a win-win for businesses and passive job seekers. LinkedIn has also transformed how those actively job seeking approach their employers of choice.

With an estimated 4 million professional Australians already on LinkedIn, recruiters are finding that targeting of passive talent is a far better way than the ‘spray and pray’ approach of posting job advertisements on numerous online boards and newspapers and hoping someone who is suited for the job will see it and then respond.


There are different ways that a business can use LinkedIn as a recruitment tool with a suite of different recruitment functions. While most of the functions aren’t free, the return on investment and the time saved conducting the search is invaluable for many businesses – especially those in industries with a skill shortage. LinkedIn can be used as a recruitment tool in the following ways:

  • LinkedIn Employment Branding allows you to create a visible presence with your company career page and use existing employees as brand ambassadors. It is also the place to develop your company brand to attract candidates and post any new openings.
  • LinkedIn Job Postings allows you to post job ads to appear on the profile pages of relevant candidates with experience in your industry. Relevant jobs will intelligently target suitable candidates automatically based on many factors including keywords, industry sector and location.
  • LinkedIn recruiter gives employers access to the database of 150 million professionals on the network for the employer to search, target and reach out to passive candidates.
  • LinkedIn talent pipeline is the method to refine, manage and build up an active pipeline of talent for current openings and for openings of the future, with similar functions to a candidate marketing and applicant tracking system.


 LinkedIn also allows recruiters to build and maintain connections with people in their industry and is conducive to networking and information sharing. People who have worked successfully with you in the past could be the link to referring future talent.  By building your network of people in your industry, and increasing your company’s online visibility by joining in discussions and posting thought provoking content, you can cast your net across your industry sector. This will not only help build valuable business relationships but also assist your businesses brand, and future recruitment efforts.

When it comes to recruitment, quality over quantity of applicants is always the preferred option. LinkedIn helps you to harness quality talent as has undoubtedly transformed the way business conducts online recruitment.

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