Our First Member’s Feedback!

I asked for feedback from our first member, and this is what I received:

Mount Isa City Council employees 200 people not including contractors. I am the Human Resources Advisor.


  • As Mount Isa is a mining town we find competing with remuneration and high rents hard but offer a lifestyle alongside local government careers
  • Getting our policies and procedures in place
  • Getting some streamlined processes happening
  • Training for people in Supervisory/Managerial roles

I am interested in HHR’s member program to have a network with a person with a wide range of experience to bring their ideas and experience into our local government.

My experience so far has been very positive and exciting. The resources have bought a huge amount of help to my day to day role and also there are resources that we are using to move us forward in the future.

It has helped me understand more about how others deal with certain issues and also templates to get my train of thought going for projects I am working on.

I would recommend the program to those professionals who are looking for high quality resources to assist them in their day to day running of their HR department and also resources to help with future planning. The resources are of a high value and the cost of membership is very reasonable.

Thanks Roslind for your generous feedback.

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