Recognition: Developing an Effective Program

Ad hoc and formal recognition are essential drivers of business success across all industries. Human nature dictates that people perform better when they know their work is appreciated.

How do you show your employees that they’re appreciated? Do you have an employee reward and recognition program that encompasses payment, prize or incentive for employees who:

  • Reach significant milestones?
  • Meet performance targets?
  • Increase customer loyalty?
  • Demonstrate company values?

Maybe you have a program, but the company is still dealing with high levels of turnover, poor performance or struggling to attract the right people. Don’t reflexively revise your salary packages upwards. Financial rewards aren’t the main reason people underperform or leave and they’re not the only benefit people look for when joining your organisation. Often, people are better motivated by non-monetary rewards.

myHRexperts consider Leader, Culture, Appointment, Performance, Recognition and Wellbeing to be the six pillars of a best workplace. You are currently reading about the RECOGNITION pillar.

Best Workplace Pillar 5 : Recognition

Recognition: Non-monetary Awards

At the most basic level, people want to work in a supportive environment towards a shared purpose.
How you build on this foundation will depend on who your people are and what they value. You’re more likely to attract, retain and motivate people if the rewards you offer are the rewards they specifically want.

So, enlist volunteers to survey your employees and ask them directly. To help get your ideas flowing and start the conversation, here’s a list of non-monetary benefits you might consider:


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