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Three Factors of an Enticing Job Offer

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is attracting great people.

An enticing job offer to a potential employee has a large impact on your ability to attract and appoint them, as well as their ongoing motivation and work performance.

A high-quality employee, in most cases, isn’t an employee who has a “Just show me the money” attitude.

To a certain extent all candidates will take the money into consideration but they are also looking for other important factors to meet their specific needs. For many this is values-alignment, job fulfilment and flexible work arrangements.

When attracting people to work for your organisation, give strong consideration to your entire employee value proposition (EVP); not just the money.

What’s your company’s X-factor? Millennials, Baby Boomers and working parents are also looking for the X-factor.

There Are Three Key Factors To Creating An Enticing Job Offer:

1 – Setting a Sensible Salary Range

Research market rates, understand the current market competitiveness for similar positions, and know what your company can and/ or should offer.

The options to tailor an offering to an employee in the traditional remuneration model are most often done through a mix of:

  • Superannuation,
  • Vehicles, mobiles, computers,
  • Professional membership fees and subscriptions,
  • Health funds memberships,
  • Bonus incentive schemes, profit share, sales commissions, and
  • Self-education expenses.

2 – Personalise the Package

How you personalise the package will determine how smart an offer you can make. You need the agility to personalise the remuneration offering to your company’s values and business goals, and where possible to the individual employee’s needs and values.

  • Know the benefits of your organisation – your employee value proposition (EVP), so you can incorporate in the X-factor; and
  • Know your candidate – what their ‘employment values’ are and what value they will bring to your organisation.

What each individual values in their employment scenario is unique e.g.

  • Flexible workplace arrangements
  • Training and professional development opportunities
  • Career progression opportunities
  • Company reputation and purpose
  • Organisational culture and values
  • Location and convenience
  • Remuneration, including salary, benefits and incentive/bonus pay

3 – Make a Smart Offer

Take into consideration the full picture; the role, package, benefits of your organisation, how your company values align with the candidate’s values and negotiate carefully.

Where there is an alignment of the EVP and the candidate’s needs and values is the greatest potential for the prospective employee to be most excited about your job offer, and subsequently, an engaged and highly motivated contributor within your business.

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