Webinar: Overcoming 7 Costly HR Mistakes

“Overcoming 7 Costly HR Mistakes” is a 90-minute online training that shows you the 7 most common HR mistakes you need to overcome in your business to successfully grow your business by leading a team of highly productive and committed people.

This FREE online training gives you a practical framework to avoid a sluggish and stagnating business that consumes all your time, money and energy.

Here’s what you’ll learn during our time together:

  • What the 7 Costly HR Mistakes are
  • How to avoid the most common 7 HR Mistakes
  • How to build the foundations for business growth through a great team
  • Assess the effectiveness of your HR strategies
  • The most important action you need to take in your business right now to maintain momentum and avoid inertia


Overcoming 7 Costly HR Mistakes
Price: FREE
Speakers: Claire Harrison

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