Recruitment and Selection

This course breaks down the recruitment process into stages and equips team members with the skills to make a successful hire every time.
HHR · September 23, 2021

People should be an organisation’s best assets.  Employing the best people starts with successful recruitment and selection processes.  This means knowing how to hire people who positively contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation.

Establishing a recruitment and selection process is important to ensure there is consistency in the way we recruit and to ensure the best person is selected for the job every time.

Designed to highlight the many important stages of the recruitment and selection process, this course aims to equip you with competencies necessary to ensure a successful selection is made every time.  It is essential for all individuals involved in hiring staff.

As the course is not tailored to your particular circumstances, it should not be treated as legal advice.


On completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Define precise selection criteria based on the job description and person specifications;
  • Select the most appropriate recruitment strategy;
  • Recruit within the guidelines of equal employment opportunity legislation;
  • Conduct behavioural interviews;
  • Identify processes for verifying information about applicants.


90 minutes (nominal)

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